Where Do I Start?

If you want a good-looking chain link fence that shows off your logo, mascot and school pride, then Put-In-Cups can help! We have several existing design options in our Mascot Categories area, but if you don't find what you are looking for, we have additional options for you. Continue reading to learn more on how to get started using Put-In-Cups.
You may also visit our FAQ page for more helpful information about Put-In-Cups, the design process, payment options and more. 

Before You Get Started:
Before you get started, we recommend reading through our FAQ Page to learn more about the cups, the design options, process & much more. 
Before you send in a request for a custom design or request an official quote or proceed to your checkout, make sure to know the HEIGHT of your fence, LINK SIZE and confirm your LINK SPACE.  Make sure to Measure Your Fence before submitting your requests in order for us to properly help spruce up your fence. 

Standard Letters
One option for letters is our standard letters as shown below. You can choose from two or three color options. Two-color letters are 2.75' Tall (9 Spaces Tall) and three-color letters are 3' tall (10 Spaces Tall). 

Custom Letters

Another option for letters is custom letters. Some options are below. Send us a font preference and we'll get to work for you. The only limit for custom letters is the height of your fence. Make sure to measure your fence before submitting your request.

Custom Logo and Mascots

If you don't see your mascot on our Browse Designs section, don't worry. Send us your logo/mascot and we will take care of the rest! The larger your fence is, the more links we have to work with, and the more detail we can add to the design. If you have a short fence, we may have to crop your image to make it work ... but it will still look great! Make sure to measure your fence before submitting your request. 

For all custom design requests, please allow 5 to 7 Business Days for processing. Once the design is complete, we will send a mock-up and price breakdown for your request. We appreciate your business and thank you in advance for your patience. If you have questions, please send us an email to: [email protected]

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