Where Do I Start?

If you are not sure where to start with using Put-In-Cups, this page will be your next best friend! 

You can also read more about our product on our FAQ Page for the most common questions answered.

Here are a few options to get started with using Put-In-Cups:


We have a large archive of existing design in our MASCOT CATEGORIES that you can choose from and make your own by selecting your colors. The existing mascot designs can be adjusted to your desired colors – just select the corresponding drop-down color to make the change. If you need the existing design to fit a different dimension, you will have to proceed with Submitting A Custom Design Request.


We have designed a basic alphabet that works great on all fences, is budget friendly, and provides a quick turnaround for any last-minute designs. Our regular block letters are 3’ tall, in up to three different color choices. (See Example Below). Use our CUP CALCULATOR to type in your slogan and get your cups ordered. All orders will come with an alphabet template for easy installation. If you want larger letters, or a different font, please proceed with Submitting A Custom Design Request.



We can customize letters to match your school logo/branding. All custom letters are a minimum of 4’ tall and come with a custom template to follow for easy installation. To proceed with getting a custom design, please proceed with Submitting A Custom Design Request. 


We can work up a custom logo design for your fence, provided you have the height for it. The taller the fence, the more space we can design on, which allows for more detail. (See Example Below)

If you have a short fence, we may have to crop your image to make it work but it will still look great!

If you don’t find your logo in our Existing Mascot Designs, proceed with Submitting A Custom Design Request. Make sure to measure your fence before submitting your request. 

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