Put in Cups come in sleeves of 50 per color for $9.00.
That's only $0.18 per cup.

We have 20 Put in Cups colors.
Made out of a sturdy recyclable plastic,
they can be used over and over.

Put in Cups lock into place, so wind will not
blow them out.

We have a cup calculator if you want to do letters
the easy way...
one color, two, or three colors.

We have several original designs to pick from, and adding more
each month. We give you an alphabet or design template
with each order so you will know where to install the Put in Cups.

This is our alphabet template for letters up to three feet tall
in three colors...if you can count to 10 this will be very easy to do.

We will do custom designs for a $35 fee free for a limited time. Send us your design
and tell us how tall the fence is...We are limited
on some designs if they are logos which are too detailed and
the fence is very small.

You can download one of our custom design worksheets
and design your own as seen in these examples. Count
the cups and place your order in the bulk cups section.

We suggest starting at the top of the design and doing
the outline of one color, then filling in the rest.

Still Confused?
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