Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What the heck is a Put-In-Cup?

A: Put-In-Cups© are colored plastic widgets that are designed to snap into the spaces in most chain link fences. They are a colorful, inexpensive and environmentally-friendly alternative to styrofoam and plastic cups.

Q : What do you do with them?

A: Arrange and rearrange them to create any number of displays including logos, mascots, and messages. Try out one of our pre-made kits or design your own.

Q: Are they easy to install?

A: Yes! Put-In-Cups are so simple to install, an elementary school child can do it. In fact we recommend it! Put-In-Cups are fun for all ages. Pre-Made kits come with a template, or download our free custom design worksheet, and design your own display!

Q: What colors are available?

A: Put-In-Cups come in an array of standard colors to choose from.Custom colors are available for a small additional fee. Custom colors are free however on large orders.

Q: How do you install them?

A: Each individual Put-In-Cup snaps into the spaces in a chain link fence. Install them from the inside or the outside of your fence. Or for a 3-D effect, try inserting some inside and some from the outside of your fence.

Q: if I buy a mascot kit and donate it to my favorite school, do I get a tax deduction?

A: I'm not a CPA but I do know from talking to schools in the area they all have tight budgets. They depend on the Booster Clubs and PTA for extras, and a gift like this would be greatly appreciated.

Q: I love these Put-in-Cup designs but what if I don't have any chain link fence?

A: You can buy a chain link gate or fence panel in all sizes and do a sign or your favorite design and set it in your yard. If you do a Christmas design you can add lights for an especially eye-catching display.

Q: Are they patented?

A: Yes they are.

Q: What about theft?

A: This is one of the most asked questions about Put-In-Cups, and we are happy to say after having designs up for over four years all over the country, we have not had any problems with theft. Put-in-Cups are actually a lot harder to steal then banners and other forms of signage. You do get extra cups with each order If you do have cups missing, tell us and we will be happy to send you some replacements. All you have to pay for is the shipping.

Q: What if a car runs through my fence with the Put-In-Cup display?

A: Take pictures and call your insurance company.

Q: Do Put-In-Cups really kill fire ants?

A: Yes! And so will a magnifying glass. However it will take a really long time, and you will probably get bitten numerous times. We recommend you try other ways of killing the ants.

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