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From Kevin Paschke of McAda Drilling Fluids:
Randall and all the Team in Corpus,
We greatly appreciate the hands-on help you've provided.
Our latest design overwhelmed with city with excitement.
The local high school is fired up...but, what I found most interesting is the people my age (51) who went there.
They thought it was one of the best and most dramatic things ever done to show school pride.
At the monthly Chamber networking event, the Superintendent of Schools told everyone to "drive down to McAda and see the fence" "

Read More from McAda Drilling Fluids and the Fort Lupton Bluedevils Here: Chamber of Commerce Page

Your invention is amazing by the way! The kids loved it, it was easy and I can tell they're going to last a LONG time!! I have received so many compliments already and we just got it done yesterday evening!

We will definitely be adding on each year!

Ms. Kaci Murray, M.Ed
8th Grade Language Arts
Arnold Middle School

Randall, I just want to thank you again for helping me last Friday with the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon. It really looked great and everyone loved it.
There is a picture of the ribbon on the Texas Wesleyan University website if you are interested in seeing it. Once again, THANK YOU for going above and beyond!!!!


    Carolyn Kelley

P.S. My daughter Christina Kelley plays 1st base and is #18. She alsoplayed 1st base for Aledo when they won the state championship in 2008. :) 

I'm finally sending you a picture of what we did 1st...we love it! My 9 year old daughter & I had a blast creating little things that are at the other end, but I don't have a picture. Will order more when school starts & finish up. 

We've had sooooo many compliments. Our plain little chain link fence has come to life!

Thanks & hope you're having a great summer! We are!

- Renee

Thank you again for all your help in designing our fence display. I spoke to you over the phone last week, and told you how amazing our response has been. We have been totally impressed with your product, and plan to use it again in the future. I hope you can make use of at least one of these photos for your website, and maybe you'll get even more business out of our success!

--Pam Johnson, Secretary
Cummings Valley Elementary School
Tehachapi, California

I just wanted to tell your company how thrilled we are with our recent order.
I've attached a picture. We're in a "temporary" school and it has added so much to it!

Amy Dean
PTA President Regina Howell Elementary
Beaumont, Texas


We put in your cups today and it was a great hit! It took about a dozen of us 2 1/2 hours to complete the design and we are all so very excited. I've left up a small sign at the back about your company and will be taking around your extra brochures - everyone stopped to ask about where we got the neat "clickable" cups while we were building the design.



Wanted to share with you our USS Columbus fence sign -- it was a huge success thanks to your superb assistance!

Thanks so much for making our dreams a reality!


Just wanted you to know that while the EYE of IKE passed over our town, our LION stood strong.
Thanks for a great product.

Lovelady High School
Lovelady, TX

Hey there Randall,

It's been a while since I've e-mailed, sorry about that. Here are some pictures we took of your cups at our field. We've gotten nothing but great things said about the decorations and I'm sure you’ll be hearing from other coaches inquiring about getting some for their facilities as well! Take care and we'll be in touch!

Josh Green
Minnesota State University
Women's Soccer

It is me again. I am sure you remember me, I know I called you a lot last year about this time. I just wanted to give you an up date on all our paws and Bulldogs. We met at the first of the school year to do a walk around the track and wipe off and check for missing cups. I think we had to replace 3 cups. We were so pleased that no one had taken or popped out any more cups than that (if you recall a lot of our paws are around the track where a lot of fans stand on the home and visitors side). We went through last years football season and three track meets and not one event went by that we did not have visitors wanting to know how or where they could get some. I also received several phone calls over the summer of folks from other states wanting to know about the put-in-cups. I just wanted to say THANKS our field looks great and it is impressive how much pride we all take in it.

Cathy Ross
Tahoka Athletic Bulldog Booster Club

We love the sign!!!!!!!!! It looks awesome and we will be ordering more in the future!! 
Thanks for all of your help. It took us a while to get the hang of it, but after we got a system going, it was a snap.

Thanks so much,


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