Request Custom Letters

Custom Lettering (Minimum of 4’)

All custom letters are a minimum of 4’ tall and come with a custom template to follow for easy installation. By default, we will design letters at 4' tall. If you would like them larger, please make sure to let us know how tall you want your letters. 

In order for your request to be complete, we need the following information:

  • Accurate Height of fence (Diamonds from top to bottom). Not Sure? Click Here
  • Link Size (2" or 1.75") of your fence. Not Sure? Click Here
  • Letter Height (how big would you like your letters?)
  • Slogan/Message
  • Color Choices
  • If you want a specific font type, please send us an image reference or font name.
  • School/Business Website
  • Contact Information: Name, Phone Number and Email

    Some Examples of Custom Letters:

If you have a limited budget, please let us know. Custom designs range in price, so please let us know what your budget requirements (if any) are in order to design accordingly.

Submit Request For Custom Letters Here

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