About Put-in-Cups

Put-In-Cups are made of a recyclable  plastic material that is sturdy yet pliable. One-size fits three sizes of chain link fence: 2", 2 1/4" and 2 3/8". And we now have smaller Tennis court size 1.75” to  1.5” cups to fit smaller openings in fences.

The unique patented design snaps into place creating a near seamless display. Why waste money on costly banner signs that can tear and tatter? Here are just a few of the advantages of using Put-In-Cups:

 Environmentally friendly - Put-In-Cups won't blow out of the fence                 and litter the surrounding areas.

 Attractive - Offered in a variety of different colors

Sturdy - Durable UV treated recyclable plastic is unaffected by wind and          weather will last for years.

Reusable and versatile - Rearrange them to create a new design again              and again.

Convenient - Easy to install, take down, and store.

Put-In-Cups come in sleeves of 50 cups per color.

We give you a design template for letters or a Logo for easy installation.

They glow when the sun hits them.

Use Put-In-Cups to announce up coming events, list sponsors of the                  games.

Send us your logo and we’ll tell you how many cups you will need for              your project...and show you what it will look like on the fence. Visit our 

         How to Submit A Custom Design Page.


About The Cups

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